Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Love Affair

It's official! I've fallen in love all over again. No, I haven't forsaken Stan - he is still the most wonderful man in the world! However, he does have to learn to live with the "other" that has entered my life. I've tried to resist the tempatation, but it has proven too much for me. Everytime I feel the fuzzy warmth of it, spy the luscious colours it comes in, and smell the comforting, organic smell, I fall in love with wool all over again. Our house is now full of it. It's stuffed away in bags in every nook and cranny and most days find me creating something new with it.

This scarf was an experiement with resist plastic to create some peek-a-boo features. I laid the resists (cut from a NEXT carrier bag), laid them over some layers of wool, then laid more wool on top. After felting, the resists were literally encased in felt. A careful cut here and there and...

Voila, vibrant orange mulberry silk peeks through the ends of the scarf.

I'm thinking of beading a pin in shades of orange to form a closure. I've named this one "sea monster."

I'm pleased with the way this nuno-felt scarflette turned out. (Stan thinks I made that word up, but I have seen it used elsewhere!) I used some silk pongee, olive-green merino wool and some varigated silk laps to add luster and colour. A tagua nut button completes the look nicely I think.
The kids like to felt too. Mira just likes all the pastel colours 'cause they're soooo girly.

Here Hannah was channeling her inner Monet, creating a piece that really reminds me of Waterlilies.
I've also been experimenting with pre-felts to create more precise designs. I create solid-colour pieces that aren't quite fully felted, then cut them out and piece them together like a puzzle. The finished piece is quite fun I think - although I'm still working on getting my edges consistently straight. Once we're home and I get to work on a table instead of the floor, I think my technique will improve.
On my mission to learn as much as possible about this amazing art-form, I'm heading up to Birmingham this week to study with Deborah Allen, a great English felt artist. She has nicely agreed to host me for the day and teach me how to make felt slippers.
I can't believe how much wool I've collected here. I figure it makes sense as it is so widely available here. However, if I keep going at this rate I think it might be cheaper and more efficient to just buy myself a sheep!

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