Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Last Blast with Team Tolan

Team Tolan decided to drive down from Manchester to have a final UK weekend with Team Liu. Being fairly close to Christmas, we decided to visit Millett's farm and their famous Santa's Grotto. While Father Christmas definitely looked the part, I think he might have been on a bit of a bender the night before as he was having a little trouble following his "script." That aside, the kids had a ball!
The Tolan boys and the Liu girls always get on like a house-on-fire! Our girls were fast asleep in their beds when the boys arrived, but they quickly awoke to welcome them and proceeded to play into the wee hours.

Tommy Tolan is adorable!

The boys have grown so much!

Everyone is sneaking a peak at Cath's pictures.

Hannah was so good with Tommy. She even helped give him a bath on Saturday night!

On Sunday we ventured out to Blenheim Palace and had a chilly wander around. Temperatures here have plummeted. By home standards, we're talking positively balmy, but I'm afraid the Brits are finding the chill a bit of a challenge. I was amazed at how empty the public pool facility was when I took the girls to their swimming lessons. Usually it's a bit of a madhouse, but I guess everyone decided it's too cold to swim - even in an indoor, heated pool!

Friends Forever! We can't wait until next we see Team Tolan - during their "twenty-twelve Canadian Adventure!"
The week previous, Stan and I had the opportunity to attend a college dinner - a must-do on the Oxford social scene. One of Stan's lovely colleague's invited us to Brasenose College. We had to get all dolled-up (although Stan refused to "dicky up," as they say!) The dinner was preceded by Presecco in the student lounge (yes, even Oxford student lounges have peeling paint on the walls :). Dinner itself was delicious and served in the college's dining hall - a very Harry-Potter-esque room. Then we moved to the College library for cheese and port. I love port! Who would have known? I think it might become a little habit!

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