Monday, October 25, 2010

Nanny and Poppa Part Deux

Nanny and Poppa decided to squeeze in one more visit to Oxford before the big move home. With a chill in the air and all the big tourist spots already visited last trip, we spent most of their visit cosied up in nice warm pubs - but I don't think they minded much!

We did venture out into the cold to visit the big car boot sale at Kassam Stadium - it runs year-round, every Sunday and presents a very interesting social portrait. Forget all the bargains - what a great people-watching spot.

Another visit to the Victoria Arms - it's become a favourite spot for us - one of the things we'll truly miss about Oxford.

After leaving us, Nanny and Poppa hopped on the Eurostar for a few days in Paris - really I think we were just an excuse for a long-weekend in France! ;-)

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