Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Blast - Kos, Greece

We've returned from our final European adventure. We traveled to the Greek Island of Kos for a week of sun and exploring. Kos is actually closer to Turkey than mainland Greece, but still a reasonable flight from the UK.

Hannah and Mira love the ocean!

We decided to take a day and explore a few of the surrounding islands. The Santa Maria is a beautiful wooden sailing boat that sails out of Kos Town. We had a lovely day lounging on the ship and visited Kalymnos, Plati and Pserimos.

Posing on Pserimos.

Kalymnos is the sponge fishing center of the Mediterranean. The girls learned how sponges were traditionally fished and were able to see the different types of sponge available at different depths. The story of sponge fishing on Kalymnos is quite tragic really. When the the diving helmet was developed, it enabled the sponge divers to access sponge beds much deeper. However, divers were constantly subjected to the bends - and thousands of men were crippled or killed over the years.

Our resort boasted a wave pool which the girls loved!

Eeyore (as the girls nicknamed him) lives just outside the room we stayed. The girls kept smuggle him food from the dining room.

Sunset dinner of the rooftop.

For two days of our visit we rented a car to explore the island. How nice it was to drive on the "right" side for a couple of days!
First stop - Plaka - a sunken forest that is home to dozens of peacocks and cats - unlikely bedfellows. We brought some bread along and watched the cats and peacocks try to out-do each other.

One would expect that the cats might have an edge over the peacocks, but they are actually quite shy of the feathered creatures.
A view of the shoreline from Kefolos.

The girls were a little perplexed that this flopping fish was soon going to be the fisherman's lunch. typically Greek!

We drove up to Zia, a beautiful mountain village with a fabulous view...

...and befriended this little kitten. We all wanted to smuggle it back to the hotel with us.

We also visited the Asclepion, the birthplace of modern medicine where Hippocrates once lectured students on the art of healing.

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