Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Apple Adventures and the Creative Spirit

This past weekend we ventured out to Waterperry Gardens for their apple weekend. They have extensive orchards there with many rare, but delicious breeds of apple. We tasted apples, toured the orchards and even picked a couple on the sly ;-)

The girls jump at any opportunity to get their faces painted - didn't want to try the apple bobbing though.
After learning the correct method for picking an apple - using the palm of your hands and not your fingers so as not to bruise the flesh - the girls were anxious to give it a go!

Meanwhile, with temperatures dropping and and a little more time on my hands, I've been back at my creative pursuits. My love affair with all things wool and felt continues. The recent addition of a bamboo mat (like a giant sushi roller) to my kit has improved the texture and consistency of my felt and I've been experimenting with colours and shading. This week I made scarves to go with girls' new winter wool swing coats (such an awesome deal at Debenhams!)
Mira got lovely candy floss colours perfect for a little girl - merino wool with just a pinch of greeny-blue silk.

My little drama queen got purple and orange merino with flaming orange silk curdled throughout!
Next week I'm going to try my hand at matching hats using a beach ball as a resist.
I also experimented with a new fiber - Wensleydale - with fairly disastrous results - there was supposed to be a charming curly fringe, but really the ends just look like a balding clown in humid weather! Hmmm... can't bear to throw it away though - any ideas?

And of course I've been hard at work beading. While not finished yet (that's the problem, I get bored nearing the end and switch over to some exciting, new project), I think this cuff bracelet will perhaps make a lovely Christmas gift for a certain someone I know who loves turquoise. I picked the cabochon up in Cancun, Mexico a few years back and finally put it to use.

Earlier in the summer I attended a workshop with British bead artist, Jean Power. The workshop involved her beaded star, but I fell in love with the examples she had on hand of this design. It's a fairly monotonous pattern (good to work on while watching TV) but the results can be quite stunning. I'm thinking it might have good self-defence attributes too - just slide 'er down over your knuckles and blammo! :-)
I love this beaded netting over wooden beads.
This masterpiece took ages. I was fringing delicas in my sleep by the end of it! Not something for everyday wear, but a bit of a eye-catcher, don't you think. The focal bead is from one of the amazing glass artists at Beadfx in Toronto.
I'm trying to shift away from using patterns and develop some of my own designs. I'm quite proud of this simple and versatile piece that incorporates the clasp into the focal part of the necklace. Simple Cellini spiral.

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  1. I love your bracelets! The colours and patterns in the red one are great