Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls' Week

It's taken me a few days to get this entry sorted, but here we go... My mother, oldest sister and aunt came to Oxford for a girls' week. Hannah and Mira were still in school (school didn't break for summer until the 24th of July), so Lynn, Lann, Mom and I had our days free to venture out and explore Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

One of our outings took us to the little town of Wallingford, just a 20-minute drive away. Lynn and my mother are quilters and Wallingford has just about the largest quilting/fabric shop I've ever laid eyes on. It also boasted some pretty flower-encrusted cottages like the one above.

After dinner we pulled out the playing cards - we all have Morin blood after all! After the kiddies hit the sack, Stan and the ladies played Euchre into the wee hours.

Another outing took us into the Cotswolds to visit the historic market town, Bourton-on-the-Water.
We didn't have the best weather - a bit chilly and damp - but it is England after all.

We pulled out the roulette wheel one night for a little fun.

One of my favourite outings was too a big arts event in Wheatly called Art in Action. it's a massive coming together of artisans and art enthusiasts. I was particularly inspired by a felt artist - Eve Maria Kelly - her sculptural felt work is extraordinary. I ended up buying a whole bunch of felting supplies and have been going crazy with it ever since.

Aunt Lynn suggested we go to Christchurch Cathedral to hear the choir sing evensong. It's a beautiful cathedral and the choir was magical.

The kids had a great time with their aunts and nanny. They were very sad to see them leave. But the good news is that we'll be seeing them all again soon - we have less than five months to go before we return to Toronto. I can't believe how quickly the time is passing.